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Protect your webcam privacy

With the CamHatch, we managed to do the impossible: re-engineer a webcam cover into a device that fits most webcams, is user-friendly, secure and looks great. That meant designing every element to be ultra thin, small, secure and easy to use. The result is more than just a webcam cover.

The elegant solution

We’ve all seen people with Post-its or stickers on their webcam. Don’t mess up your device, and get a great-looking and unhackable, 100% secure solution!

CamHatch has been specifically developed to offer a minimalistic, easy-to-use solution for a 100% secure webcam. No matter what type of device you are using or what kind of malicious software has been installed, with CamHatch you are always sure that nobody can peek through your webcam.


stylish, tiny design

swipe to open

Open and close the CamHatch with just a gentle touch!

nearly invisible

The CamHatch is very subtle because of its tiny size. It does not ruin the esthetic of your laptop or tablet. Its minimalistic design flawlessly matches your device.

Fits any device

Fits most smartphones, tablets or laptops.

" Very nice, and good value for it’s price! " - Wesley Lorrez

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